Sultry, Sexy, Sensually Sensational, Satisfying

I'm a whole lot of fun to be had!  In the words of the immortal Lou Reed "Take a walk on the wild side" 
If you've never experienced the wonderous world of amazement that is being with a trans girl like me well then why wait any longer your time is now.  And if you're one of those guys who looks at a pretty girl like me and think "damn she's hot" then you find out she's trans and you telling yourself how straight you and there's no way you do something like that would be "gay". You know you liked what you saw, and guess what guys great news it's not "gay" at all to be attracted to a trans girl.
Northwestern University conducted a study involving men who were attracted to trans girls and the group with the highest percentage was straight men. That's right  straight men represented a higher percentage than bisexual men. So you've been denying yourself  one of the most immensely satisfying times you've ever had for absolutely no reason at all. 
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She was pretty attractive overall. She was about 5’10-6’ with heels on, had a couple tattoos, shoulder length hair, and a solid ass. JK was my first TS provider and she was very patient with me. My most recent escorts were very go the point and rushy, but JK let me get a good feel for this. She even let me indulge in my foot fetish and put on high heels for me. I’m just sad that I wasn’t able to last longer. She did offer to go again but I was too tired in the head for that unfortunately. I took my time, we both enjoyed ourselves, and I’m very glad JK was my first TS experience. This girl does a really great job all said and done.